Marloes Lammers

“Factual knowledge and strategic insight”

Mr. M.H.W.N. (Marloes) Lammers (1979) studied tax-related economics, and then tax law. After graduation from the University of Tilburg, she worked at the tax chamber of the ’s-Hertogenbosch Court of Appeal, and in the tax law team at the Court of Breda. Since 2006 she has established a name within the niche of tax law practice. As a renowned tax lawyer, she regularly publishes articles in leading professional journals, usually on the subject of formal tax law.

Marloes assists clients when the tax authorities carry out a tax audit. She conducts the proceedings arising from this, including if tax matters lead to a criminal case. She has a deep knowledge of evidence law and fine law. She is also the specialist at our firm on civil proceedings against the tax authorities.

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