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Jaeger: ally of the tax advisor

Legal proceedings: a problem for the taxpayer and for his adviser

If someone becomes involved in tax-related legal proceedings, this is already very unpleasant. But his tax adviser also has a problem in such cases. A tax adviser often does not have the expertise or experience for legal proceedings. If he refers his client to a lawyer, he faces risks:

  • The client leaves him: If the proceedings end well, the client is satisfied with the lawyer. This often means that he will leave future consultancy work to the lawyer?
  • Unsatisfied client: Whatever the outcome of the proceedings, the tax adviser is often criticised for how he performed his work in the preliminary phase.
  • Disciplinary law: There is a real risk that the lawyer will advise the client to bring proceedings against the tax adviser under disciplinary law.

Who helps the taxpayer and his adviser?

Due to all the risks, tax advisers are often hesitant to advise their clients to bring proceedings against the tax authorities. This is understandable, but wrong. It damages the interests of the client. Luckily, there is a solution. If a tax adviser refers a client to Jaeger Tax Lawyers, he solves the problems of his client without creating risks for himself:

  • The lawyers at Jaeger are not tax advisers. They are only involved in conducting legal proceedings.
  • They have experience and expertise in this, and provide top quality.
  • After the legal proceedings, clients simply return to their advisers for advice. 
  • Jaeger is keen to consult with tax advisers regarding proceedings, and how they can be prevented.
  • Jaeger does not conduct disciplinary law proceedings against tax advisers if they have referred a client to Jaeger.
  • The lawyers at Jaeger are always keen to help tax advisers with their tax-related legal knowledge and expertise.

The lawyers at Jaeger are not competitors of tax advisers, but their allies. Jaeger fights for the interests of satisfied clients, together with tax advisers.

More information?

Would you like to know how we can serve your client, together? Do you have a client who is facing proceedings? Do you want an optimum result for your client, without getting into problems yourself? Then please click here for a good discussion.

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