Jaeger Tax Lawyers: tax-related court proceedings

Our firm specialises in conducting proceedings about taxes In other words, tax-related legal work, and nothing else. No tax consultancy, only legal proceedings in all their variations: administrative law, civil law and criminal law.

Our lawyers specialise in tax law. They assist their clients with problems in the areas of taxation, collectiontax penalties and tax-related criminal law, referred to in the Netherlands as FIOD cases.

  • Tax inspection (tax audit)

    Advice before the problem occurs Even if there is no dispute at the moment, the help of a tax lawyer can be useful If there is a tax inspection, for example. What are your rights and obligations? Are you required...
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  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

    As an (ex-)officer or director of a limited company in the Netherlands (a ‘BV’), you can be held personally liable for the company’s unpaid wage and turnover tax debts This frequently involves large amounts, thus bringing major consequences for you as an (ex-)officer...
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  • Criminal tax law (FIOD)

    Criminal law in tax cases: major consequences If there is a suspicion that tax fraud has taken place, you can face criminal prosecution The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) are brought in. You may get a fine, a...
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  • VAT carousel fraud

    A common form of fraud is the ‘VAT carousel’ According to a report from the European Court of Auditors, the member states of the European Union...
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  • Voluntary disclosure

    Foreign assets Have you not declared, or not fully declared, income or foreign assets to the tax authorities? If so, this is viewed as a criminal offence The tax authorities are doing everything they can to track down undisclosed foreign assets....
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  • Customs matters

    1 Customs litigation Experience shows that customs officials can take a very formal attitude. For...
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  • Objections and appeals

    Is the assessment correct? Have the rules been complied with? If you do not agree with the tax assessment, you can submit a letter of objection, and later, if necessary, a letter of appeal This not only involves the assessment itself, but also the way in which it was reached. Were the...
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  • Tax collection

    The many weapons of the tax authorities The question of when a tax assessment can be imposed and how it must be paid is largely covered by tax law The debt recovery side is laid down in the Collection of State Taxes Act. It may also happen that...
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  • Civil procedures

    The many weapons of the tax authorities A hypothetical scenario: the tax authorities decide that you have to pay an assessment The government has many methods to force you to pay in such cases. They not only make use of the...
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  • Tax-related fines

    Fine law: complex and full of risks The tax authorities can impose high tax-related fines if a tax return is incorrect. Fine law is...
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  • Bankruptcy fraud

    A bankruptcy usually has a major impact, not least for the person filing, who has to account for himself, chapter and verse, to the receiver If the suspicion arises before, during or after the declaration of bankruptcy that creditors have...
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  • Formal tax law

    Rules, rules, rules… Formal tax law consists of rules on how a tax debt is determined and collected This can include procedural law, such as rules about objections, appeals and appeals in cassation....
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  • Order to provide information

    If the Tax Inspector asks you to provide information or present documents, and you do not comply with this request immediately, he may serve you with an order to provide information The order states what information is demanded of you. ‘Eliciting’ an order to provide...
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  • 'Pluk ze' measures

    Will you lose everything? Under what are referred to as ‘Pluk ze' measures, the government can take a wide range of confiscation measures Are you being affected by these? The assistance of a tax lawyer can be crucial in such cases. Other...
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