About Jaeger

Jaeger Advocaten-belastingkundigen is a niche firm specialized in both tax procedures and (tax) fraud cases. We do not provide tax advice or prepare tax returns, but we assist clients in legal proceedings, or in an earlier stage to try and prevent proceedings.

In The Netherlands, tax procedures and (tax) fraud cases are often linked. The Dutch Tax Authorities and the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) exchange information on a regular basis, which means that tax cases can also be investigated criminally; and vice versa (tax) fraud cases often have tax consequences.

That is why we have been combining tax procedural law with criminal law for 25 years, to provide our clients with the most optimal assistance.

Jaeger’s lawyers are positive, critical thinkers with their own style, and all have one thing in common: the client’s interests always come first! This has a positive effect on the results we achieve for our clients.

  • objections and appeals
  • tax inspectation (FIOD – Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service)
  • tax-related fines
  • the voluntary disclosure arrangement
  • criminal tax law
  • ‘squeeze ’em’ measures (confiscation of proceeds of crime)
  • civil procedures
  • formal tax law