Civil procedures

The many weapons of the tax authorities

A hypothetical scenario: the tax authorities decide that you have to pay an assessment. In such cases, the government has many methods to force you to pay. Not only do they use the Collection of State Taxes Act, but also civil law measures. How much has to be paid and when? Can you wait for the actual proceedings or do you have to pay first? And what happens when you cannot pay? Such matters often involve civil law. In many cases, the assistance of a lawyer is obligatory by law.

What can we do for you?

Jaeger’s tax lawyers can help you in case of proceedings about:

  • Accelerated collection (the collection of taxes or premiums without waiting for the proceedings regarding their level)
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability (for example, for the tax debts of your company)
  • Public sale, and preventing one from happening
  • Bankruptcy fraud

Problems with civil procedures?

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