Carlijn van Dijk

“Sharp & resolute”

Mr. C.E. (Carlijn) van Dijk (1985) graduated in tax law in 2008 at the University of Groningen, where she was also chair of the Groninger Fiscale Eenheid (Groningen Tax Entity study association). Because she was always interested in criminal law, she also took a Master’s degree in criminal law in Groningen and completed it with honours in 2010. While studying for this Master’s degree, she also taught criminal procedural law at the University of Groningen. Subsequently, Carlijn worked for four years as a tax advisor at the VAT Department of PwC. Within this framework, she successfully completed the professional training for tax consultants (NOB). From 2014 to 2017 she worked at De Bont Advocaten as a tax lawyer before starting work on 1 July 2017 at Jaeger Advocaten-belastingkundigen. 

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