Carlijn van Dijk

“Sharp & decisive”

Mr. C.E. (Carlijn) van Dijk graduated in tax law as well as (cum laude) in criminal law. While pursuing a master’s degree in criminal law, she was also a lecturer in criminal procedure at the University of Groningen.

Carlijn then worked for four years as a tax consultant in the VAT department of PwC. In that role, she successfully completed the professional training for tax advisors (NOB). In 2014, she switched to tax (criminal) law practice.

Carlijn joined the firm as a partner in 2021. She has extensive experience in tax (criminal) law with a preference for VAT. She regularly gives courses to, for example, tax consultants about various topics.

As an author, she is a substantive contributor in the field of tax collection law to the Dutch Tax Law Documentation.

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