Criminal tax law (FIOD)

Getting advice before the problem occurs

If there is a suspicion of tax fraud, you can face criminal prosecution. The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (in Dutch: FIOD) is called in. You may get a fine, a penalty order issued by a public prosecutor or – in a worst-case scenario – a prison sentence. Even if you only get a penalty order issued by a public prosecutor, this results in a record in your judicial documentation (‘a criminal record’).

Expert assistance

In the case of a FIOD investigation, it is very important that you engage a criminal tax lawyer immediately. If you do not do so, the consequences can be disastrous. With our assistance, you will reduce the risks and increase the chance of a good outcome.

What can we do for you?

A Jaeger lawyer assists you right from the first phase of the prosecution process: 

  • During the investigation
  • During the making of depositions
  • During pre-trial detention and other compulsory measures

We qualify the findings from the criminal investigation (which often tend to be one-sided), present counter-evidence in consultation with you, if possible, and negotiate on the method of settlement.

If the case goes to court, we will be there at your side. If necessary, we conduct proceedings through to the highest instance.

Problems with criminal tax law?

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