Confiscation measures (Dutch: ‘Pluk ze’)

Will you lose everything?

Under what in Dutch are referred to as ‘Pluk ze’ measures, the government can use a wide range of confiscation measures. Are you being affected by these? Then the assistance of a tax lawyer can be crucial. Other law firms often know a great deal about ordinary criminal law, but do not have the specialized financial and tax knowledge to be able to evaluate such measures properly. If you do not defend yourself or defend yourself inadequately, this can have major consequences.

We can help you

Thanks to our combined expertise (tax law and criminal law), we are the ideal lawyers for this. If appropriate, we can also assist another lawyer with our specific expertise. In this way, unreasonably serious measures can be prevented. We can also act as an expert and evaluate a report on a criminal financial investigation.

Questions about ‘Pick them’ measures?

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