Working for our firm

The specialist in tax-related legal work is always interested in motivated tax lawyers


Acquisition in response to our vacancy is not appreciated.

General profile


Jaeger Tax Lawyers is a firm of lawyers with its own character. People who recognize themselves in this will find this to be an enjoyable work environment. 


High quality is the central focus of our services. For this reason, we expect drive and the willingness to invest in development in your specialised field. 

Rolling your sleeves up

You will get plenty of support in this. Nevertheless, everyone takes a share of the general office tasks. A hands-on mentality is welcome.

Independent and stubborn

We are looking for academically educated, not-your-average lawyers who want to work in a small, growing firm. You will quickly be given a lot of independence with us. The people at our firm work hard, and enjoy what they do.

A good lawyer is not primarily there to be liked. The main focus is finding the best solution for your client. You need to have a thick skin, because you are usually involved in proceedings against the government. You have to want to set your teeth into a case and – where necessary – fight for the result. 

Tax lawyers should not be afraid of figures. 

Doesn’t follow the herd

Our office is located in the heart of Amsterdam. Not a suitable location for people who follow the herd. They are better off working in the Zuidas of Amsterdam.