Civil procedures

The many weapons of the tax authorities A hypothetical scenario: the tax authorities decide that you have to....

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Formal tax law

Rules, rules, rules… Formal tax law consists of rules on how a tax debt is determined and collected This can....

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Tax-related fines

Fine law: complex and full of risks The tax authorities can impose high tax-related fines if a tax return is incorrect.....

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Tax inspection (FIOD)

Advice before the problem occurs Even if there is no dispute at the moment, the help of a tax lawyer can be useful....

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Vat carousel fraud

A common form of fraud is the ‘VAT carousel’ According to a report from the European Court of Auditors, the....

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Customs officials

Customs litigation Experience shows that customs officials can take a very formal attitude. For.......

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Jaeger tax lawyers: tax-related court proceedings

Our firm specialises in conducting proceedings about taxes In other words, tax-related legal work, and nothing else. No tax consultancy, only legal proceedings in all their variations: administrative law, civil law and criminal law.

Our lawyers specialise in tax law. They assist their clients with problems in the areas of taxation, collection, tax penalties and tax-related criminal law, referred to in the Netherlands as FIOD cases.