Ilse Engwirda

“Well-considered, calm yet sharp”

Mr. drs. E.G. (Ilse) Engwirda (1967) studied business administration and law. Prior to her career as a lawyer, she worked in international business. Her extensive board and management experience makes Ilse ideally suited to translate daily business experience into legal practice.

Ilse’s expertise lies in financial and tax fraud cases. In particular, she handles cases in the area of money laundering, cryptocurrency, false invoices, tax fraud, corruption and confiscation of criminal profits. Ilse also represents victims of the kinderopvangtoeslagaffaire (childcare benefits affaire).

‘What drives me in my cases is assisting people who are confronted with a powerful government apparatus. This process encompasses more than the court hearing: the proceedings in the fraud cases take considerable time. You deal with searches, seizures, interrogations and so on. My legal assistance includes guiding people through these intense periods and anticipating on what is yet to come.’

Ilse is a lawyer who makes a sharp analysis and knows all the details of your case. She keeps a cool head and remains optimistic.

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