Lisa van Esdonk-Bongaarts

“Expert & social”

Lisa: “I started my career as an attorney at Baker McKenzie where I specialized in the field of VAT. Since 2014, I have focused entirely on the tax litigation practice and assist companies, entrepreneurs and individuals in (impending) conflicts with the Tax Authorities.

It is the dynamic between the tax content and the human aspect that attracts me in the tax litigation practice. Because although financial interests are central, my experience is that the impact of a (threatening) procedure on businesses and on a personal level (C-suite, DGAs, individuals) is great. Indeed, in those situations, the government often exerts enormous pressure on our clients. Whenever possible, I try to find an out-of-court solution. That requires not only a lot of knowledge, but also good social skills to get different parties to reach a solution. If that fails, then we go on to court.”

Mr. L.M.S.M. (Lisa) van Esdonk-Bongaarts studied tax law at the University of Amsterdam and completed a post-master EFS (indirect taxation). Lisa has been working in tax advisory and litigation practice since 2006. Since 2014, she has focused entirely on the tax litigation practice.

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