Upfront we make transparent arrangements with our clients about our fees. Sometimes we ask for an advance payment. We invoice periodically and specify our work.

Hourly rate

We usually apply an hourly rate, which ranges between €180 and €470. The hourly rate depends on the experience of the lawyer, any urgency and the financial interest of the case. Not included in the hourly rate are:
• office costs (administration, telephone costs, postage, etc.): 5% of the fee is charged for this.
• travel expenses outside Amsterdam, court fees (such as court registry fees, summons and service fees) and excess fees (excessive photocopying, faxes and telephone calls abroad).

Fixed amounts

Some work may be performed at a fixed fee.


Sometimes a combination is possible of a (lower) hourly rate with a payment if the case is completed successfully.

Funded legal aid

In principle, we do not take on any cases on the basis of government funded legal aid. On rare occasions, an exception is made for cases of dire need or ground-breaking cases within our specialisations.