Vincent Leenders

“Knowledgeable, creative and committed”

Mr. V.S.T. (Vincent) Leenders is associated with the firm as a tax attorney. Vincent gained extensive experience as a prosecutor and before that as a tax lawyer. For several years he has been working as a legal advisor. During his time as a fraud prosecutor, Vincent has worked with the FIOD and the tax authorities as well as with other special investigation services and supervisors.

His experience allows him to look at a case creatively from many angles. Vincent has an inquisitive mind and enjoys uncovering the relevant facts and presenting them convincingly in their context, to counterbalance the ‘atmospheric description’ of watch dogs and investigative agencies in their reports.

Investigations by watch dogs and investigative agencies are intensive processes that can deeply affect business and personal lives. The personal and business consequences of such investigations have Vincent’s attention. Also in this area he uses his broad experience to support clients from beginning to end in their (upcoming) contacts with supervwatch dogs and investigative agencies.

Within Jaeger, Vincent works on financial criminal cases, where he is particularly active in the field of fiscal and financial economic criminal law.

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